Magi Semantic Search

Magi is a search engine that gives you answers instead of references. It's designed to be General, Feasible and Useful. You may watch the introduction video, or click here to start using it right now!

Magi 自然语言搜索引擎

Magi 是一个能够回答复杂自然语言问题的搜索引擎。凭借 Peak Labs 的知识网络与信息处理技术, 它能给出答案, 而不仅是链接。它真正做到了通用, 易用有用。您可以观看介绍视频, 或者直接开始使用!

Have a try! / 试一试!

More languages will be added soon™...
Wise Men from the East / 来自东方的贤者

Magi 一词源于《圣经》马太福音。马太福音中, 东方三贤士 Caspar、Balthasar、Melchior (合称 Magus, 即波斯文中的 Magi, 读作 /ˈmædʒaɪ/) 分别代表神所造万物、普世观念、万主之主的法则 —— Magi 搜索引擎 (读作/'mædʒɪ//'mægɪ/) 凭借与之对应的知识图谱概率统计神经网络三种工具, 模拟人类求索的三大要素: 事实舆论直觉

"God's in his heaven. All's right with the world!"

Mammoth Web Browser is back after being completely re-developed! With the power of cutting edge technologies and Mammoth designing D.N.A, you will be surprised by the stunning UI and impressive performance. Mammoth 5, browsing the classy way.

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Rasgueado currently DOES NOT work on iOS 8. / Rasgueado 暂不支持 iOS 8。
Meta DB & Knowledge Graph

Currently there are more than 21 million objects in Magi's ever growing meta database, which are categorized into 950 classes and 3300 subclasses, covering information from video games to astrophysics, and people from actors to presidents. A knowledge network of over 160 million facts have been abstracted from this database and is capable of performing set operations and complex index queries within milliseconds.


Magi 日益增长的结构化数据库中目前拥有950个大类3300个子类的2100万个对象, 囊括从电子游戏到天体物理、从AV女优到美国总统的方方面面信息, 并抽象出了超过1亿6000万条事实的知识网络——而且可在毫秒级时耗内完成集合操作和复杂索引查询。同时, Magi 这独一无二的数据库和知识网络也对第三方应用和学术分析开放。

Self-Learning Data Extraction

It is extremely costly to expand the knowledge network and the metadatabase manually. We got inspired by the feedback regulation and tRNA anticodons in biology, and designed the Automatic Information Extracting and Modifying Model for Magi, enabling it to describe and restructure everything from the very beginning. As the Taoism saying goes, one produces two, two produce three, three produce myriad things.


知识网络和数据库的不断扩充是人力无法胜任的, 我们从生物学中的负反馈调节 tRNA 反密码子得到启发, 设计出了 Magi 所使用的自动信息抽取与修正模型, 教会计算机在无人工干预的情况下, 通过海量文本分析来自动派生、细化知识和对象体系。进而从根源描述并重构世间万物: 一生二, 二生三, 三生万物

Natural Language Processing

Peak Labs' Natural Language Processing (NLP) service incorporates Language Preprocessing, Word Segmentation, Dependency Analysis, Disambiguation, Synonym Integration, Service Docking, and many other complex functions into simple programming interfaces. The NLP service allows full customization through simple configuration, and brings developers' focus back to their own products.


Peak Labs 的自然语言处理 (NLP) 服务将语种预处理、多语境分词、依存分析、消歧义、同义词整合、服务对接等的复杂性隐藏在简单的接口背后。只需简单的配置即可充分自定义, 让开发者专注于产品本身。使用我们的SDK可立即让您的产品拥有自然语言交互能力, 还可以加入我们的数据平台计划。

Please contact us to learn more / 请联系我们以获取更多技术与合作信息
About Us
Peak Labs

Peak Labs was founded in 2012, the Labs' members spare no efforts in bringing users 牛逼 products.

Peak Ji

In charge of product designing, coding, and weight-losing.

Peter Liu

The hero who keeps the company from bankruptcy!


Peak Labs welcome every dreamer with talent. Academic background, job level, or any awards are the least of our concern. What matters the most is what you have created. Please contact us if you think you are damn cool.

Of course, we are also looking for certain serious talents:

Peak Labs 时刻欢迎有才能有梦想的人加入。我们不在乎学历、辈分、奖状, 只要你拿出你做过的东西。如果你觉得自己够牛逼, 就来和我们聊聊吧! 我们觉得幼儿园学历和挖掘机专业酷毙了!

当然, 我们也定向寻找以下领域的专业人才:

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